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Japanese Learning News

Lesson Content: Casual or Formal?

That’s not what my textbook says. Some of those trying out the lessons may have some questions concerning the forms of verbs that are chosen for the phrases. Here is an excerpt from someone’s question about the Japanese lesson’s phrases. “I tried out the demo for Japanese and was kind . . . 
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The Lessons Are Finished!

The lessons have been done! It’s been a year and a half in the making, but we have finished the Japanese lessons. What has been done? An extra set of lessons were added for the student beginning from the very start. They are titled, “Introduction to Japanese.” There are four . . . 
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How We Made Our Japanese Lessons Easier

March 30, 2014:  Imagine that you don’t know any Japanese and I ask you to repeat a Japanese phrase that is 10 syllables long.  It will be very difficult for you if not impossible. Now imagine for a minute that you don’t know any Italian.  If I ask you to . . . 
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How to Learn Japanese at

The meanings of hints and explanations in the lessons In the Japanese lessons, there are a number of explanatory notes to help students. Japanese grammar is quite different than that of English. There are some things that have no equivalent in English, so a creative workaround was necessary. The most . . . 
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How to Learn Japanese

by David Ockey Before I came to Japan I had studied Japanese in college for 3 1/2 years. When I came to Japan, I could say virtually nothing! I could say my name, where I was from and “The apple is on the table.” To this day, I have not . . . 
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